Saturday, August 25, 2007

Production Arrangement for our Copper connectivity compoments

Production Arrangement for our Copper connectivity compoments
when we produce the sample of Fiber Optic Splice Closures,Optical Splice Closures,Fiber Optic Splice Cases, we should ask our technical staff analize the material structure of the Optical Splice Closures,Fiber Optic Splice Cases,Fibre Outside Plant Closures.
open it fist,and try to find the accessories inside the splice closure body,then find the Splice Trays,Splicing Trays,Fibre Splice Organizer Trays,Fiber Optic Splice Organizer Trays,Mini Spl,you could find the white color splice tray 12 core or 24 core inside.
the material for its body would be the same as 5 Point Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection Unit Protectors 's plastic body.all the material would be the PBT.PBT material is a usefull plastic material in our telecom field.we could produce much items as 25 Pot Cat3 Modular Telephone Patch Panels,25 Ports RJ45 Patch Panels and Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures,Wall Mounted Fiber Enclosures,Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosures.
One thing more,if you need more than 20 pcs samples from our company,we could check the items in stock,and find the size of your required type.arrange 1U 24 Port Fiber Optic Enclosures,Rack Mount Fibre Panels,Fibre Optic Patch Panels,and try more to install the pigtails inside the odf body.
we usually use the SC SC Single Mode Duplex Fiber Optic Cable 9/125,SC-SC SingleMode Duplex Fiber Optic patch cord 9/12 in the frame body as good insertion specifications and low of loss specifications,easy to connect,and easy to disconnected
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