Saturday, August 25, 2007

contribution and structure of digital distribution Frame

contribution and structure of digital distribution Frame
as we always use data transmission at a 2M Bits DDF Systems called 1).RF coaxial connectors,Coaxial Cable Connectors .We connect these coaxial DDF Connectors from the 3).Coaxial Cable Manufacturer .There are different types of the coaxial cables for High Speed Data Transmission of telecom systems.
One type is RG11 Series Coaxial Cable,China RG11 Coaxial Cable,China RG11 Coaxial Cable Manufacturer,RG11 Coaxial Cable .we always punch this type of the cable in the DDF Distribution Frame in a copper central office.another type of the cable is Coaxial Cable RG213 Series,China RG213 Coaxial Cable,China RG213 Coaxial Cable Manufacturer,RG213 Coaxial Cable,we use it in subway telecom connection systems,We could punch the cable as Coxial cable jumper wire,under the condition, we could connect the Coaxial Cable RG174 Series,China RG174 Coaxial Cable,China RG174 Coaxial Cable Manufacturer,RG174 Series Coaxial Cable to the central office solution-DDF frame,we call the DDF Frame as 2).Digital Distribution Frame.
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