Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FTTH Connection in China

FTTH ( fibertothehome , FTTH ) concept was created in 1990 , has undergone more than ten years of development and evolution , in many broadband technology has been in the spotlight . FTTH jeoptička fibers extending from the central office to the home broadband optical access to the subscriber communication access in this way , each user is at home exclusive branching optical fiber , a larger number of users signals through active or non -source aggregation lower / combiners at the central office . Odprvog predložitikoncept FTTH began that day , people will believe that FTTH can reach the PSTN , Internet and CATV " triple play " , which allows the simultaneous use of voice, data and video services into three types of users , in order to achieve Broadband ideal solution . However , due to their cost , lack of business needs is difficult leaving FTTH widely used , people's minds become unattainable beauty draft .

Two or three godinebrzi development of the global broadband market , not only the rapid growth in the number of broadband users , but user demand for access bandwidth as video on demand , the emergence of online games and high-bandwidth IPTV service further significant increase to the existing ADSL - based broadband access is difficult meet users' high - bandwidth , two-way transmission capacity and security requirements . Faced with this dilemma , the attention of countries re- invest in FTTH plans to use the fiber by far the best access to the transmission medium to break the " bottleneck " for better blueprint for the old people think FTTH Connection.

Method FTTH broadband access is more appropriate for some services and applications have been or are about to occur , and these new services and applications over existing ADSL / LAN and other broadband access methods , including video telephony , video conferencing , video on demand , IPTV , online games , distance education / health . These new companies , especially HDTV and HD video on demand and interactive TV services generally require high bandwidth symmetric bidirectional support or require support for broadcast / multicast transmission , and the original ADSL / LAN access restrictions due to transmission distances and transmission speeds difficult to meet the demand for these services far distance transmission and high bandwidth access . In particular , much attention is currently

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" TriplePlay ' business needs , and provided data + voice + video three types of customer service , FTTH is nesumnjivonajbolji way to simultaneously solve business needs and bandwidth requirements . On the other hand , with respect to access methods FTTB / C using two access methods , there jeaktivan media converter / convergence device between the central office and CPE , greatly increasing operation and maintenance costs and the complexity of the operator , while FTTH uses fiber directly to the user's home fashion , the operation and maintenance brought great convenience .

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