Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ship Agency china,Stevedore china,Warehousing, Forwarding china,Inland Transport

International Sea Freight Forwarding, We offer worldwide freight forwarding for any equipments or Freight Forwarding in Thailand Indonesia Malaysia Vietnam China products you need to import or export. We manage ocean freight export and imports from and to all over the world and we have have assisted Export and Import Service in China,Logistics Services in China Sea Port many Indonesian manufacturers with our services, by providing many options of reliable carriers to enable them to meet with their budget capability Warehouse Distribution in Shanghai Ningbo Shenzhen Tianjing Hongkong China port, and plan shipping costs as well as time of departure. We have competitive Domestics Freight & Inter-Islands Service,Domestics Freight & oversea Service in freight rates through leveraged volume agreements with leading carriers, shipping line & steam shipments, expertise in handling Multi-Purpose container Vessels,Multi-Purpose container ship of hazardous cargo, and equipped with track & trace capabilities system, and accessible by customers for real-time tracking, and provide our customer with MPP container vessel for sale,MPP container ship for sale single stop shipment. In addition to the above niche services, our company also has an NVOCC services, which specializes in consolidation Ship Agency china,Stevedore china,Warehousing, Forwarding china,Inland Transport, FCL & freight forwarding services, servicing clients of industry, including those from electronic, chemical, furniture, garment, handicraft Ship Design Services,Scrap Ship Design,Container Vessel Design,Oil Tank Design,C, etc.

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